Dancing with the Nonhuman: An Aesthetics of Encounter (AR 545)

This artistic research project challenges common notions of human-robot relationships by foregrounding the differences between humans and machines instead of obscuring them. Our diffractive performance-making practice brings together creative robotics, dance, and choreography to explore how humans and machines are always already entangled. Drawing on feminist new materialist concepts, Dancing with the Nonhuman harnesses dancers' kinaesthetic experience to probe into rigid subject-object boundaries and to mobilise and reimagine them.

with Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Felix Palmerson, and Audrey Rochette

video © Petra Gemeinboeck 2022

Dancing with the Nonhuman [SYD-2-2-1]

A semi-structured improvisation with two dancers, two cube costumes, and one cube performer (cube robot).

The semi-structed, improvisational performance work was first performed as part of the exhibition SHErobots at the Tin Sheds Gallery, The University of Sydney, Australia, in December 2022.

Posthuman dramaturgy:
Petra Gemeinboeck
Petra Gemeinboeck, Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Felix Palmerson, and Siobhan McKenna
Creative robotics:
Rob Saunders
Dance performers:
Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Felix Palmerson
Robert Downie
Video documentation:
Michele Barker and Kristina Mah
Video editing:
Michele Barker and Petra Gemeinboeck